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Matrix Repatterning

On our journey through life most of us get knocked around. Whether it is a sports injury, a car accident, a fall, or a sprained ankle these traumas to our physical body can actually distort our frame (our skeleton).  Over the years of living with these distortions we begin to have joint instability, muscle tension and pain, and decreased ranges of motion.

There is an innovative therapy, Matrix Repatterning, that goes beyond anything else I have seen in my 36 years of practicing! Matrix Repatterning is an advanced therapeutic system based on sound scientific principles and an understanding of the structural and bio-electric effects of injury on the deep framework of the body (the Matrix). This gentle, hands-on treatment focuses on releasing these deep layers of tension and systematically restoring balance to the skeletal frame.

Matrix Repatterning has been clinically recognized to provide measurable improvement in mobility and joint stability, lasting pain relief and an improved quality of life, from the Inside-Out. The treatment for concussions and head injuries is like no other and has been acclaimed by author Norman Doidge “The Brain that Changes Itself”

If you are interested in exploring what Matrix can do for you, please contact me or sign up for a free Discovery call.  Check out this video by another doctor that explains it well:

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