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Oral Health from a Natural Perspective

We have been taught that tooth decay is caused by too much sugar in our diets. While there is some truth to this it is really that most tooth decay actually occurs overnight as acids rise up from our gut. These bad acids are from rotting and fermenting foods (sugar being just one cause) since most of us do not eat enough fruits and veggies and eat too much animal protein. Tooth decay actually occurs many years prior to it showing up in the dentist's chair. The bad acids and a lack of good minerals along with stress are ingredients for cavities, abscesses, and gum disease. There are preventative things we can do to reduce gum and tooth issues.

  • Rinse your mouth out and spit 1st AM and before bed to remove those acids.

  • A good mouth rinse is Essential Oxygen BR with some hydrogen peroxide.

  • Use a Tongue scraper especially in AM (non metal is preferred)

  • Drink celery juice on empty stomach; sip and swish celery juice several times per day

  • Eat more celery and raw greens for the essential minerals

  • Eat more fruit for the calcium and anti-oxidants

  • Rotate the toothpaste you use every month (Make sure it's a healthy brand)

  • And of course- eliminate the junk food and bad sugars

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