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What is Orgone Energy?

We’ve all heard of things like Chi, Prana or simply Lifeforce energy or Ether. These are all different terms for the very same thing. Another such term is Orgone Energy. When Orgone Energy is blocked in a person, this leads to muscular tension and disease.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is the combination of organic and inorganic material in a chaotic matrix. A basic Orgonite is combined resin (organic compound) with metal filings (anorganic compound) and quartz crystals.

How does Orgonite work?

Negative Orgone energy is attracted to Orgonite and through the chaotic matrix, it is converted into a spiraling energy flow. Negative Orgone energy interferences such as EMF (electromagnetic frequencies such as your cell phone emits) cause stagnation and degeneration of your energetic field. Orgonite helps to revitalize your bioenergetic field simply by wearing it on your skin or having it near you.

How can Orgonite help me?

If you often feel fatigued, overwhelmed, hazy or just generally not well, Orgonite can be useful in blocking energy interferences that are bringing your quality of life down.

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