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ZINC - We gotta have it!

Zinc is an essential mineral which is found in nearly every type of cell. It is needed for all tissue growth and repair because it is the activator for about 100 different enzymes! Normal development in utero and up through adolescence is highly dependent on this mineral. Zinc is also essential for proper hardening of bones and teeth; healthy skin, hair and nails; and normal taste and smell. Playing a vital role in a healthy immune system, zinc is crucial for the activation of T-lymphocytes. For this reason, many natural cold remedies include zinc. Zinc is responsible for ALL of the 2000+ chemical functions of your liver! Healthy vision and proper wound healing are also dependent on zinc. Insulin requires zinc for activation and, therefore, it is a primary player in blood sugar regulation. Zinc has also been shown to help protect against high blood pressure, plaquing, and strokes.

Although zinc is should be found in a wide variety of foods, it is nearly impossible to get sufficient zinc. Depleted soils, modern farming practices, and food processing have stripped most foods of this essential nutrient. The need for zinc increases when we are under stress, consume alcohol, take birth control pills, certain antibiotics, and with digestive malfunction. Known signs of zinc deficiency include poor wound healing, stretch marks, hair loss, premature graying, diarrhea, loss of taste and appetite, skin rashes, lowered libido, and susceptibility to frequent infections.

The best form of supplemental zinc is a liquid Zinc Sulfate. And in today’s world everyone is zinc deficient.

June 2022

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